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Colleen McFarland: Blog

Autumn in Norway

Posted on September 11, 2013 with 0 comments

The weather has been amazing here in Eina, Norway!  The twins are beautiful and so much fun, still a lot of work, but being a mommy with twins, enough said I guess.  J.P. and I have a few shows coming up so please check the Calendar.  I'm looking forward to a visit to the States to see family and friends and celebrate the twins first birthday!  I've also been painting furniture lately, kind of an artsy-shabby-chic look with decoupage, it's turned out fabulous, I'm having so much fun doing it!  Also working on a fairy tale, a work in progress and a wonderful way to keep my brain, intellect, and creative mind working.  Sometimes I get bored of course; it's quite different living here and the conveniences I'm used to in the States are not available here, but you learn to adapt and the view I wake up to every day is incredible!  I went to a meeting for the American Women's Club last night, it's really wonderful meeting new people and connecting.  So strange but right when I got there, I have to switch my brain from wanting to speak in Norwegian to just plain old American English.  We also ate some of Betsy's delicious apple and cherry cobbler, omg!  I'm looking forward to going to the annual Pumpkin Patch mom and tots day even though my girls aren't even a year old yet.  I miss all of the holidays in the U.S., I used to get kind of sick of all the commercialism, but when a typical American holiday is taken away from you, you really miss it!

I'm thankful for many things and know that life is always full of challenges, and I feel for many people who don't have the same privileges even though it hasn't been the easiest transition for me here.  I will not give up!

Prayers and love going out to all the victims and families of 9/11