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Join Me on A Winter's Eve in Norway..

Posted on January 20, 2015 with 0 comments

hmmm, what's happening this winter?  Today I did an interview with Oppland Arbeider at Cafe Kaffka (my favorite cafe in Gjøvik) over a double vanilla latte and a slice of Fyrste Kake (first cake) which were absolutely delicious (or 'deilig" as the Norwegians say).  The interviewer asked me if the U.S. had anything that compared to Fyrste Kake, and I have to say I've never tasted anything in the States like this.  It was oh so good.  It reminded me of a snickerdoodle and spice cake combined.

The interview was not about cake however, it was about my gig at Eina Grendehus for my band, Kicking Stars, on Saturday, January 24th.  The festivities start around 9pm (doors open at 7pm).  It might be a raucous night of partying, and blues and soul music, or perhaps we will have a tamer crowd, sipping wine and partaking of hors d'ovres (is that how you spell it?)  

Anyway, it was darn cold today here in the tropics of Norway.  Snow and wind blowing every which way.  I was glad for that latte and my piece of first cake.  After that I stopped by the grocery store, picked up a pair of very expensive orthopedic slippers at the post office that I bought online (paid about $45 dollars in taxes, crazy!), but they sure are comfortable.  Picked the twins up from preschool, watched Mickey Mouse, put them to bed, made some delicious nachos and here I am, writing about the gig on the 24th.  JP and I are going into the studio again tomorrow night to record some new songs (mostly ballads but really beautiful I think).  

Did I mention it's cold here?