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Colleen McFarland: Blog

Time to Chill

Posted on October 1, 2011 with 1 comment
Finally, just chillin' out at home in Nashville; did some much needed yard work today, planted flowers, put down some pretty red lava rocks, trimmed up the shrubs, felt good getting the muscles working feverishly, hands and knees on the ground, digging in the dirt.  Made a late brunch for me and JP, and a delicious dinner and dessert.  I love fall, it's the most inspiring time for me creatively and spiritually.  The summer was a little stressful traveling back and forth to Norway, and then to Ireland even though we had so much fun and the From Nashville to Norway festival was a blast, especially singing with Kicking Stars with JP, Reeves, Jon Anders, Arild, Nils, and Harry.  I felt like I was on another planet at the concert, pulling energy from the universe since I had no idea where I was going to get my energy to sing like that after being exhausted and having a pretty full week, but God was smiling down on me that night.  Now it's time to cook and clean, and [...]
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From Norway to Ireland

Posted on August 15, 2011 with 0 comments
Just catching up on some updates to my various sites.  So time consuming, this promotion and marketing stuff.  Got to visit with family last weekend in St. Louis, very nice!  Also getting ready to go to Norway again for the From Nashville to Norway festival on September 9-10.  We're bringing David Olney, Sergio Webb, Dave Gibson, Daisy Dern, and Reeves Gabrels, then Peter and I head to Ireland to do some shows, fun, fun, fun, I've never been there, so this will be a wonderful experience getting back to my roots so to speak.

Summer, Summer, Summer

Posted on July 6, 2011 with 0 comments
looking forward to a writing session with John Hadley, David Olney, and Peter Nova (aka J.P. Ringvold from Norway) soon.  John, JP, and myself co-wrote a fun little tune a few months ago and all of those guys are wonderful writers so I'm so honored to be working with them.  Just when I'm convinced I'm tired of Nashville, something cool happens.  Getting ready to take a trip with J.P. to Norway soon, going to relax and do some fishing, writing, recording, and brushing up on my Norwegian with J.P.'s family and our friends.
Taking a break from teaching voice, piano, and guitar for a couple of weeks.  I get so tired of the 'battle' with summer lesson scheduling, even though I ask my clients to take a certain number of lessons (so I can pay my bills throughout the summer) they still 'diss' me' and are totally clueless as to the difficulty and commitment of what I do; so hopefully there will come a time when it is not a necessity to teach, but a luxury for the students who [...]
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My space, my face...

Posted on June 15, 2011 with 1 comment
There are so many types of sites I'm on these days including My Space, Facebook, Bandcamp, ReverbNation,'s a bit overwhelming at times.  The last year has had its ups and downs.  'Ups' being playing in Norway last fall and this winter for some great shows.  The From Nashville to Norway festival was really fun and I not only did I get to perform as Colleen McFarland, Americana/Folk singer/songwriter, but I also got to sing my behind off on some blues and soul numbers with my band "Kicking Star"s featuring my hubby Peter Nova (aka J.P. Ringvold)on keyboards and B3 organ, Reeves Gabrels on lead guitar, Jon Anders Narum on rhythm and lead guitars, Lewi on bass, Harry on saxophone, and Nils Malum on drums.  What a band!  J.P. opened for Bon Jovi in Norway tonight with a band called the Sowing Circle from Nashville.  I haven't talked with him yet about it since Norway is 7 hours ahead of Nashville.
I just got back from a tour of the Northeast [...]
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New York, New York

Posted on May 2, 2011 with 0 comments
house concert in NYC a nice change from club scene; great group of fans, and Kathryn Bloss a very nice host.  Opened for David Olney and Sergio Webb, those guys are the icing on the intellectual music cake.  David is really the consummate song maker and mood builder, can swing on a rope between whatever he chooses to, takes it low, high and in between and all across the map, swaggers, groans, recites mad classic poetry and sings in a honey voice when he chooses.  Sergio is the sensitive straight man to David's rowdy and poetic stature; Texan born troubadour, strokes and strikes his guitar strings lovingly, fast fingered, emotionally available, no pretensions here.  Looking forward to another round of Olney and Webb in the near future.
Mare and I head to Sleepy Hollow tomorrow for a wine and cheese soiree hosted by an old boyfriend from 25 years ago.  Strange how paths cross again (Facebook definitely helping with that).  Radio show in Pottstown, PA then to [...]
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